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The Narconon Drug Rehab Program

The Program

joe 1The program is packaged in a series of standardized steps which are done in an exact sequence. The drug-free detox program removes the residual drugs from the body greatly decreasing the chance of relapse. The learning programs help the individual gradually withdraw from drug abuse, get involved again with their family and society, gain control of themselves and reach the point where they can actually take responsibility for themselves and others as well. The program also addresses and handles the reason why the individual started using drugs in the first place and gives them the knowledge and certainty they need to lead a long and happy, drug-free life.

The program takes as long as it takes to get results. There is no fixed time limit. Many of our successful graduates complete this program in 3-6 months. This result is provided at a fixed cost, no matter how long it takes to free the addict from drug abuse. This is a key element that separates this program from all others that are designed to only accommodate standard insurance coverage.

Another critical element of this program is that the detoxification approach does not use any drugs. Too often, a generic "rehab" may cure the addict from one addiction only to give them another. The goal of this program is very simple: to afford the graduate a long term, drug free life of hope and promise. This is simply the one thing that we are all granted in life and exactly what drugs have denied the addict.


PHASE I: The Narconon® Drug Rehab Program

Drug-Free Withdrawal

Certain drugs such as heroin and alcohol can not normally be discontinued without considerable physical discomfort. With a pre-medical evaluation, we provide a safe, 24-hour care procedure for a drug-free withdrawal.

During this step of the program, the individual is put through a carefully designed withdrawal program that enables him to come off drugs without experiencing the usual agonizing withdrawal symptoms. Drugs and alcohol deplete the body of vitamins and minerals. We use specific and natural nutrition to help the body to rebuild itself. The individual undergoing withdrawal is under the careful supervision of a Withdrawal Specialist 24 hours a day, until the physical and mental discomfort is no longer present.

"I am still alive! Even though its only been 5 days, I'm OK and with no dope! The withdrawal process was remarkably mild. I have never successfully completed a withdrawal for some years. I could not deal with the withdrawal, the depression, and the long pain. That's why I was on methadone for so long. Now I am clean and looking forward to the sauna to complete the process. I don't want to get ahead of myself, but that is a goal that I think would really brighten my outlook on myself and my future. Thanks!" -JP

The Communication Course

joe 2This course is all about rehabilitating the ability to simply talk with other people. It involves drills and other practical actions that enable students to improve their ability to confront situations in life through communication. People with drug or alcohol problems typically have a difficult time being honest with themselves, and others, about what they may see as an unpleasant subject. When forced to confront difficult issues, they withdraw from friends and family. There are eight specific exercises in this course that specifically deal with the many different aspects of communication. This approach helps students to develop focus, making a person capable of confronting and easily resolving their problems with others.

"This course was amazing! I was at the tail end of withdrawing from heroin and was feeling sick and aching. I started doing the 2nd drill, which deals with confronting another person. After a while, all the sickness and aches disappeared. I realized at the end that most of my drug use was due to my inability to confront people and situations. I knew I could live without drugs at that point. something I didn't think was possible before doing this course." -GS

The Narconon® New Life Detoxification Program

This process produces spectacular results by removing the root causes of future physical drug restimulation. Research has established that many types of drugs, such as cocaine, heroin, Valium, PCP, amphetamines (crank, crystal, meth, ecstasy, etc.) alcohol and medicinal drugs such as narcotic painkillers, tranquilizers and sleeping pills, can remain in the body for years. Over time, these residues can become stored in the fatty tissues of the body. When this happens, these stored residues can be released making it difficult, if not impossible, for the addict or alcoholic to remain drug-free.

The program utilizes an exact regimen of medically supervised exercise, intensive sweating in a dry sauna, in combination with plenty of fluids and nutritional supplements in order to reduce the drug residuals in the body. These residues, if not removed, can trigger future drug cravings and depression. A vital step in the successful rehabilitation of substance abuse is flushing out these accumulated residues so that the addict no longer experiences any adverse effects from the drugs he has taken. The results of this process can be spectacular. In many cases, completion of this portion of the program results in greatly reduced cravings for drugs, or the complete elimination of these cravings entirely. Mental alertness and clarity of thinking improve while drug-induced depression often vanishes.

"For the past decade, I have studied the results obtained with the New Life Detoxification method. While this detoxification method is strenuous, it is easily and safely accomplished under the supervision of trained personnel. Students, with histories of moderate to extremely heavy substance abuse, show a marked improvement in alertness, clarity of thought and general health by undergoing this treatment. Most report a substantial reduction in their craving for drugs or alcohol. Published scientific studies of the technique have shown it successful in reducing the variety of toxins and contaminants in the body tissues. I highly recommend its continuing use as an effective tool in the treatment of addictions." -Kathleen Kerr, M.D.

PHASE II: The Narconon® Drug Rehab Program

Phase II of the program includes effective therapies to restore abilities to focus on real goals and to return self-control to the addict. It helps a person snap out of traumatic events in which he may be stuck, and increases his ability to deal with the realities of life.

Learning Improvement Course

This course provides the student with the ability to study and retain knowledge along with the ability to recognize and overcome obstructions in the study and learning process. The student learns data on three common barriers to study. He/she learns how to "clear" a word in a dictionary so that it is fully understood, how to do realistic demonstrations of concepts, and how to spot and handle any gradient difficulties in his/her study. The Learning Improvement Course literally teaches the student how to incorporate the rest of the program into daily living for the rest of his/her life.
"Even after years of college, I never realized how inadequate my learning skills really were. This course illustrated to me that I still had a lot to learn about learning. I just wish I had had these skills before I went to school, because I would have gotten much more out of it." -CY

The Communication and Perceptions Course

Addicts use drugs to change the way they feel - their perception of reality. Drugs can and do numb the addict and provide him with a false escape from unwanted feelings and sensations. When not on drugs, addicts typically try to ignore or alter their feelings. The problem with drugs is that when they wear off, the addict becomes introverted and feels worse than before. Past experiences and upsets can stick with him, making it difficult for him to deal with reality. This course utilizes exact procedures, which focus the student's attention onto the present, as opposed to being stuck in past experiences. It improves the student's perception of his environment, and gets the student into better communication with others. This course improves one's ability to better control his life and his/her environment instead of being affected by it.

"Before I came to treatment, I didn't have an objective viewpoint on anything. Drugs had clouded my ability to see things as they really were. All I saw when I looked at someone, even my own family, was someone I could get money from for drugs. The Communication and Perception course pulled me out of past bad experiences that were affecting my thinking and behavior. My past is a chapter that is now closed, and for the first time in 25 years I'm free to be and do what I choose. -LD

PHASE III: The Narconon® Drug Rehab Program

Phase III rehabilitates the addict's sense of self-esteem. It is a cleansing experience that set him/her free from the chains forged by past misdeeds. After completing this phase of the program, the student has a restored sense of self-worth and will find it much easier to confront problems in life by knowing how to handle them effectively.

Ups and Downs in Life Course

Addicts and alcoholics are often especially vulnerable to negative influences in their lives. In this course, students learn the characteristics of social and anti-social personalities in order to evaluate objectively and choose those people in their lives who need to be avoided. A course that enables the evaluation of these behavioral, constructive and destructive characteristics, along with the appropriate methods to handling them is a major part of being able to remain stable and off drugs.
"I've never been really good at picking the right type of friend. I always seem to get mixed up with people who were bad for me and regretted it later. This course has taught me how to stay out of situations that would lead me back to drugs." -PL

Personal Values and Integrity Course

This course restores to the client his basic sense of right and wrong and the ability to live honestly again. Values and purposes are recovered and strengthened. Students often experience a strong feeling of relief, and a newfound feeling of freedom and self-respect because of this course.
One of the first things addicts and alcoholics sacrifice in getting and using their particular drug is their own sense of personal integrity. The life-style that goes along with addiction is one that almost always involves lying to friends or family, and almost as often involves the commission of illegal acts. After a time, it can seem as if the addict never knew any other way to live. The restoration of personal integrity is not a moral issue, it is a matter of survival. It is a fact that until one can confront and be honest about ones past, a person will be haunted by it. Until these types of misdeeds are dealt with, the addict will continue to be plagued with:

  • Unwillingness to communicate
  • Withdrawal from family and friends
  • Hostility toward those who try to help him or her
  • Feelings of resentment towards authority
  • A sense of being uncomfortable around ethical people
  • Inability to have stable relationships

There is even such a thing as a drug personality. It is artificial, and created by drugs and alcohol. Choosing the wrong friends and acquaintances can become something that is destructive and difficult to handle. Drugs and alcohol apparently change the attitude of a person from his original personality to one secretly harboring hostilities and hatred he/she does not permit to show on the surface. An entire section of the Personal Values and Integrity Course has been developed to handle just this. How to choose and live with the type of people best suited for long-term survival. How to develop and maintain these relationships, nurturing them to produce what truly is needed and wanted by the recovering addict.

"All through my life I never really liked or felt comfortable with other people. I was pretty sarcastic and had few close friends. I always felt that I was treated unfairly and that my drug use was justified because there wasn't much in life worth experiencing. Well, I was wrong. This course made me realize how my own dishonesty made me withdraw from those I loved and made it impossible for me to truly care about anyone else. It was hard, but I cannot imagine anything more valuable than feeling like a human being again." -LL

The Changing Conditions in Life Course

Making tough decisions about life can be difficult for anyone, but the inability to make these decisions can be deadly for addicts. This course gives the student the exact formulas to use to evaluate objectively and improve conditions having to do with himself, his family, the groups he belongs to, and other areas of life. He learns that any condition can be changed for the better as long as it is correctly addressed. On this course, the student takes specific actions to repair past and present conditions in his life, and is given the tools with which he can continue to improve conditions and situations in the future.

"I have always had difficulty in dealing with real-life situations because I became confused about what was the .right. thing to do. How to deal with family, girlfriends, bosses, etc. This course taught me specific ways about how to decide on a course of action for any situation. I am certain that I can now make the right decisions, now matter what. something I was never able to do in the past!" -ST

The Way to Happiness Course

It would be nice to be given a How to Live Life instruction manual when we are born, but for most of us, we simply feel our way through by trial and error. Ignorance about or failure to abide by the common moral precepts of our society can lie at the root of many of the addict's life problems. This course introduces the student to a common sense moral code that he can use in living a new drug and alcohol-free life.

I've never seen a program like this. It's amazing... The book "Way to Happiness" made me feel alive, as if I want to help others, and be a good person. Since doing this program I realize that alcohol is a thing of the past. I will never use again. To live and not be happy is NOT living! Thanks!. -GL

PHASE IV: The Narconon® Drug Rehab Program

This review phase is designed to confirm that maximum gains were achieved at each step of the program.

Final Program Review

This is comprised of two essential components tailored to meet the needs of each student.

  1. A comprehensive review to ensure the student has thoroughly completed all phases of the program.
  2. Additional course work is assigned based on specific student needs to prepare the student to deal with life situations after graduation from the program. This includes such issues as marriage, the parenting of children, problems of work, how to resolve conflicts, basic information on money management, and other life issues.

It is the complete incorporation of the program steps listed above which produce a drug-free, productive and ethical individual. Although each action of the program produces significant gains, it is the combined effect of all these steps collectively which result in full and permanent recovery. Thirty years have shown this true. We can proudly claim and has demonstrated with thousands of case histories that addiction can be ended.

Follow-up Program

A comprehensive long term drug rehab follow-up program is designed and implemented to assist the student through the first year of recovery. This is accomplished through regular contact with the student and family members. Our counselors assess student stability and progress after his discharge from the program. The student may be required to return should he/she face life situations that may threaten his sobriety. The student will receive special assistance in addressing these life issues so he or she may maintain a drug and alcohol-free life.

Everything in detail is handled on a case by case basis to establish confidentially a comfortable entry into the treatment process of drug and/or alcohol addiction. The entire program takes between 3-5 months to complete. The difference in time depends on each individual and what is required for them.

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