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This is a list of questions commonly asked about Narconon Colorado and the answers to those questions.

Q. How does Narconon differ from other programs, including traditional 12 step programs?
A. Narconon Colorado is an extensive program that uses its own unique form of cognitive therapy and physical purification. Through the New Life Detoxification Program  consisting of vitamins, exercise, and time spent in our sauna, one is aided in coming completely off of drugs. The rest of the program consists of a student learning how to regain control of their life and make amends for damages their addiction has caused themselves and others. In most conventional drug treatment programs an addicted person is told that they are powerless over their addiction. We at Narconon Colorado do not believe this is true. Our program has overwhelming results showing that an addicted person can retake power over their life, and that there is a road out.

Q. What kind of addictions can Narconon Colorado treat?
A. The nature of our program allows us to treat all forms of addiction, be it drug or alcohol, no matter how severe the problem is. We have effectively helped long-term heroin, crack, cocaine, meth amphetamine, and alcohol abusers break their addictions.

Q. What is the Success Rate of the Narconon Program?
A. The success rate is 70% over a two years as compared to a 20% percent success rate of traditional treatment programs.

Q. How long does the program take to complete?
A. The program takes, on average, four to six months to complete. Between the extensive treatment Narconon Colorado offers, and the individual study involved, the time it takes to complete the program varies from student to student. Not everyone's problems can be solved in 28 days, and as a general rule here, it takes as long as it takes.

Q. Are clients coming into Narconon Colorado treated with medication or other drugs such as Methadone?
A. At Narconon Colorado we do not believe that curing addiction is possible by simply exchanging one addiction for another. We offer a natural holistic approach to treatment that does not involve introducing additional chemical substances into ones body.

Q. Who founded the Narconon Program?
A. On August 2, 1965, William Benitez jumped down from his double bunk in the old cellblock where he was housed and made the following notation on his wall calendar: “Decision to set up Narcotic Foundation.” He also circled the 18th of the same month, his target date to approach prison officials to request permission to set up a drug rehabilitation program inside the prison walls. Mr. Benitez’s drive to set up his drug rehabilitation program was further fueled after he read the book “Fundamentals of Thought” written by American author L. Ron Hubbard with whom he developed a correspondence. Mr. Hubbard made his innovative discoveries in drug and alcohol rehabilitation available to Bill as the program developed. Mr. Benitez with the help of prison administrators set up the first Narconon program which began on February 19, 1966. Mr. Benitez chose the name narconon for his new program. NARCONON means (NARCOtics-NONe).

Q. How much and what type of experience does the staff have?
A. Our staff here are all very well trained and continue their training after signing on to work at Narconon Colorado daily and weekly classes. Another thing all the staff members here have in common is that we are all recovered drug addicts. We know where our students are coming from and what they are going through because we have all been there.

Q. How exactly does the purification portion of the program work?
A. Through research done since the early 1960's it has been found that drugs, once taken, leave residues in the body's fat tissues. These residues remain in the body for years after taking a drug. This is the reason for the occurrence of "acid flashbacks" among LSD users. These drug residues also play a large role in an addicted person's physical craving for a particular drug. Through vitamins, oils, exercise, and sweating daily in our sauna, our sauna program cleans out a users system, leaving them free of physical drug cravings and healthier than they have felt in years.


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